Notes from the Seneca Speaker Series talk on Python

George Belotsky python at
Fri Feb 3 19:07:35 CET 2006

The notes on the Python talk (formatted as S5 slides) that I gave as
part of the Seneca Speaker Series are now available online:


The talk is a brief tour on how to use Python in a complex project.
This tour includes namespaces, Python's typesystem, descriptors, and
refactoring of interfaces.  It builds on my earlier, introductory
Python talk at the same organization (which is Canada's largest
college, with over 100,000 students):


This talk focuses on several very short examples, which show the
immediate effectiveness (with minimal coding) of Python in diverse

If you like the S5 presentation system, you are welcome to download
the theme from my slides, to use your own talks:


This theme modifies one of the original S5 themes, in order to give it
a Python flavor.

Best Wishes,


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