ANN: PyGUI 1.6

greg greg at
Sun Feb 12 07:50:56 CET 2006

PyGUI 1.6 is now available:

The major change in this version is that the Mac version
is based on Cocoa instead of Carbon. This should provide a
much better base for future development, but it does mean
that MacOSX will now be required. (This isn't as big a
change as it seems, since the Carbon version actually
required MacOSX too, despite being Carbon.)

There have been numerous other changes and improvements
as well. See the CHANGES file in the distribution or on
the web site for full details.

What is PyGUI?

PyGUI is an experimental highly-Pythonic cross-platform
GUI API. Implementations are currently available for
MacOSX and Gtk. For a full description of the project
goals, see the PyGUI web page at the above address.

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