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I'm happy to spread the word about showmedo.com, an excellent
collection of python programming videos.

>From the website

"""Want to learn how to use some of the best Python programming tools
out there, including the supercharged IPython interpreter and the great
free editor SPE? Or maybe you want to see how easy it is to create
great-looking, powerful graphical user interfaces using wxPython. If
so, take a gander at the videos below."""

They have two SPE specific videos:

Python with Stani's Python Editor (SPE)

Two videos to demonstrate editing and debugging of Python code using
the excellent SPE toolkit.

Python Development and Navigation with SPE
SPE is a well-featured cross-platform development environment for
Python. Here I show you how to write a simple Python program, save the
code, run it and navigate using the Explorer, Index and UML Viewer.
Complimentary material can be found in the manual and the tutorial at

Debugging with WinPDB from Within SPE
The WinPDB graphical debugger can be launched from within SPE to debug
Python code. Here I show how to launch the debugger, step through the
code and stack frame, inspect variables and exit back to SPE. I also
explain the significance of the Magic Letters.

The SPE videos area available at the url:

Contribute back to your favorite open source projects by submitting
your own python videos to this wonderfull project! If you need
inspiration look at the requested videos: http://showmedo.com/requests
Who will make the first wxGlade video? Anyone who contributes a video
can request a SPE pdf manual as a reward.



PS Other python videos have as topic:
Beginning Python
Three videos covering the download and installation of the Python
programming language on a Windows machine and a small introduction to
the Python interpreter.

Python Development with IPython
Four videos leading you through the installation and basic mastery of
the powerful IPython interactive Python environment

Python GUI Programming with wxPython
A series of videos for beginners showing how easy it is to quickly
develop professional looking graphical user interfaces exploiting the
ease and power of the Python programming language. wxPython is fast
becomming one of the most popular cross-platform GUI programming
solutions. This set of videos aims to show you why.


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