Yet another template engine : HYPY

manatlan manatlan at
Mon Feb 20 19:57:19 CET 2006

HyPy : means HYperText in PYthon
It's yet another template engine, under GPL2 license
The main feature is that it let you code yours templates like you code
your python. (the indentation defines the structure of the html). So,
it's very easy to render xhtml content. But hypy let you render any
kind of string document too ! It's a very young project, but i think
it's usable.

Features :
- let you code your html like you code in python
- lightweight engine (300 lines)
- Compile templates to bytecode (pyc files)
- classical clauses (if/else, for, capture ...)
- templates inheritances (concept of masterpages and childpages)

Url (tutorial and download) :

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