itools 0.12.4 released

"J. David Ibáñez" jdavid at
Mon Feb 20 20:35:38 CET 2006

itools is a Python library, it groups a number of packages into a single
meta-package for easier development and deployment:

  itools.catalog        itools.i18n             itools.web
  itools.cms            itools.ical             itools.workflow
  itools.csv            itools.resources        itools.xhtml
  itools.datatypes      itools.rss              itools.xliff
  itools.gettext        itools.schemas          itools.xml
  itools.handlers       itools.tmx
  itools.html           itools.uri


  - Now the transacion code follows the open/close protocol of resources.

  - Now the index load code follows the open/close protocol of resources.

  - Add a global "try..except" clause to catch any error that may reach
    the main loop, so the server never stops.
  - Return "400 Bad Request" whenever the parsing of the request fails.
  - Ignore parameters added to the If-Modified-Since header. Since some
    some browsers do append extra-information (what does not respects the
  - Fix HEAD requests, call GET first, then send only the headers.

  - Remove a debugging line that slipped in the previous release.
  - Fix the Epoz editor (a couple of files were missing).




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