cPAMIE 2.0 released!!

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Tue Feb 21 03:17:43 CET 2006

PAMIE is a "FREE" open-source tool written in Python for Automating
Internet Explorer.

This tool allows Software Quality Assurance Engineers or others
to write Python scripts to Automate the testing of their Web

* Windows 2000 pro or Win XP
* Python  2.4 an above ( will work in 2.3 but not recommended)
* Ctypes

2006-02-16  Release PAMIE 2.0
 Added:  Added nameProp to imageGet()
 Added: findText() - finds text on a page can be used with regex
 Added: outerHTML() - gets outer HTML from body - also used with
 Added: Increased _init() timeout to 300
 Added: goBack() - Navigates back one page
 Added: stop() - Stops navigation
 Fixed:  ie.Document bug in pageGetText()
 Fixed:  class properties are now instanced.
 Added:  busyTuner to _wait methods to allow for adjustments when
experiencing pages that don't fully load
 Added:  radioButtonsGet() method
 Fixed:  "TypeError: cannot concatenate 'str' and 'int' objects" on
certain debug messages
 Fixed:  int.strip() error in findElement() method

2006-01-11  Release PAMIE 2.0 Beta
 Added:  updated docs with a reference guide!
 Added:  timeout routine to windowFind() function
Change:  fireEvent() now elementFireEvent()
 Fixed:  catch and ignore very occassional Access Denied message in
wait functions
 Fixed:  frameWait() to support nested frames
 Fixed:  getFrame() needed a frame wait to sync properly
 Added:  regular expression support for findElement() val parameter,
which propagates up to most methods
 Added:  writeDocs script to generate class file documentation
 Fixed:  elementGetList() now case insensitive
 Fixed:  elementGetList() elementList parameter now properly accepts a
 Added:  elementGetChildren() method
 Added:  support for nested frames
 Added:  name parameter on widgetGet() methods will now accept index as
 Added:  most widget...() methods will now accept either index or an
element for name parameter
 Added:  tableCellExists() method
 Added:  tableExists() method
 Added:  tableGet() method
 Added:  tableRowExists() method
 Added:  tableRowGetIndex() method
 Added:  tablesGet() method
Change:  elementClick() now accepts an element only
 Added:  elementFindByIndex() method
Change:	 widgetClickIndex() methods were removed.  use
elementFindByIndex() instead
 Fixed:  elementFind() compares attribute values correctly

2006-01-01  Release PAMIE 2.0 Alpha
A whole new start!  The whole PAMIE structure has been revamped,
reorganized, reworked and redone.  In addition to this, the main
features of this release are full support for frames, forms (or not!),
optional debugging, optional fancy HTML reporting, consistent function
naming, many new functions, and much much more.  Your old PAMIE scripts
are going to need some updating, but it is well worth it.  A build
certification script ( has also been included that will
not only validate the PAMIE builds, but will serve as an excellent
example script on how to use the various PAMIE methods.  You should
take a look at it and run it first.  Please remember this is an Alpha
release so we can hear some feedback, so don't go throwing this into a
production environment.

Original Development
20040415 - modifications by Jeff Hinrichs
(dundeemt at
20040511 - modifications by Rob Marchetti
(rmarchetti at
20040606 - modifications by Rob Marchetti
(rmarchetti at
20040801 - added Frames modifications by Steve Mcdonald
20050301 - added Frames modifications by Tom Cunningham
20050301 - added modifications by Dave K
20050301 - added modifications by Drunk Bum
20060101 - whole class revamped by Drunk Bum, start of 2.x
20060220 - - modifications by Rob Marchetti
(rmarchetti at

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