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Colubrid WSGI Toolkit

Colubrid is a WSGI request handler which simplifies python web

If you've ever created a WSGI application without an framework or an
handler you know how stupid this can be.

Hello World Example

This example outputs "Hello World"::

    from colubrid import BaseApplication, execute

    class HelloWorld(BaseApplication):
        def process_request(self):
            self.request.write('Hello World')

    app = HelloWorld

    if __name__ == '__main__':

Documentation can be found on `the homepage`_.

.. _the homepage:

WSGI Compatibility

Colubrid is full compatible the existing WSGI Systems, for example you
can bind the flup session middleware into Colubrid with 5 lines of

You can download colubrid from the `download section`_.

.. _download section:

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