ANN: pyFltk-1.1

andreas a.held at
Wed Feb 22 15:14:21 CET 2006

This is to announce the first official release of pyFltk-1.1,
the Python bindings for the cross platform GUI toolkit fltk-1.1

This release candidate has been tested with fltk-1.1.7
and requires Python2.4.
pyFltk is a lighweight, easy-to-use GUI toolkit for Python. It
can be used where simplicity, speed, small footprint, and ease-of-use
    * Now it is possible to extend all widgets in Python
    * Fl_Preferences has been added.
    * Various bug fixes
    * Faster dispatch (thanks to SWIG)
    * Improved stability
    * Added port of FLTK sudoku program
A source distribution, a Windows installer, and a Linux binary
(including fltk) can be
downloaded from


Andreas Held

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