ANN: Porcupine 0.0.6 released

t.koutsovassilis at t.koutsovassilis at
Mon Feb 27 15:13:35 CET 2006

This release includes numerous QuiX enhancements, but also introduces
some major QuiX API changes. The base widget class (Widget) has been
refactored. Most of its attributes have been replaced with getters and
setters. Thus, a single attribute change does not require a full
This release also introduces the term "off-line widget", a major
performance enhancement. It is now possible to detach a widget
hierarchy by keeping it in memory, and attach it again, whenever this
is needed. So far, six QuiX modules have been optimized using this

On the server side, a new utility has been included. The
"" script initializes a blank Porcupine database. This
script might be useful of those not being able to start the server due
to BerkeleyDB incompatible database formats.
The "stringresources.xml" configuration file is discarded. The
localized strings are kept inside UTF-8 encoded Python script files. By
this way, we prevent any possible resource naming conflicts by
different applications.
Finally, all system resources (servlets, PSPs and strings) are moved
inside the "resources/system" folder. The "system/servlets" and
"system/PSP" folders are discarded.

Due to the API changes introduced on both sides (server and client),
all previous versions of Porcupine applications are incompatible with
this release and should be upgraded.

Innoscript has also announced Quill, the upcoming QuiX visual editor.
The first WYSIWYG web interface designer for rich internet desktop-like
applications. For details see


What is Porcupine?

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Developer resources:,com_remository/Itemid,33/func,selectcat/cat,3/

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