ZODB 3.6.0 final released

Tim Peters tim at zope.com
Thu Jan 5 22:03:03 CET 2006

I'm pleased to announce the release of ZODB 3.6 final.  This corresponds to
the ZODB included (or that will be included) in Zope 2.9 final and Zope 3.2
final.  You can download a source tarball or Windows installer from:


Note that there are two Windows installers, for Python 2.3 (2.3.5 is
recommended) and Python 2.4 (2.4.2 is recommended).  Because Zope 2.9 and
Zope 3.2 require Python 2.4.1+, it's unlikely that a Python 2.3 Windows
installer will be built for later releases in the ZODB 3.6 line (I built one
this time out of habit, but expect most people would rather see the time
applied to something more generally useful).

ZODB 3.6 adds a few new features, and incorporates all the bugfixes made to
date in the ZODB 3.4 and 3.5 lines.  Note that this is the first public
release of ZODB 3.6 as a standalone package; 10 internal releases were made
since last September to support ongoing Zope 2.9 and 3.2 development.  See
the NEWS file for details:


The current status of all active ZODB lines can be seen here:


Note that ZODB 3.2 is now officially "retired", corresponding to the
retirement of the Zope 2.7 line (no new releases in the Zope 2.7 or ZODB 3.2
lines are planned).

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