[ANN] Release 0.54 of Task Coach

Frank Niessink frank at niessink.com
Sat Jan 7 00:27:24 CET 2006

Hi all,

I'm pleased to announce release 0.54 of Task Coach. New in this release:

Bugs fixed:

* The accelerators INSERT and Ctrl+INSERT were mapped to 'c' and 
'Command-Copy' on the Mac, which caused Task Coach to create a new task 
whenever the user typed a 'c'. Fixed by changing the accelerators for 
new task and new subtask to Ctrl+N and Shift+Ctrl+N (on the Mac only).

* It was possible to enter control characters -- by copy-and-pasting -- 
resulting in invalid XML in the Task Coach file.

* One python file was missing in the source distribution of release 
0.53. Added a test to check that all python files in the source are 
actually added to the source distributions, so hopefully this will never 
happen again.

Feature added:

* Effort can be exported as iCalendar (ICS) file and imported into e.g. 
Mozilla Sunbird. Each effort record is exported as a "VEVENT". This is 
an experimental feature. Patch provided by Gissehel.

What is Task Coach?

Task Coach is a simple task manager that allows for hierarchical
tasks, i.e. tasks in tasks. Task Coach is open source (GPL) and is
developed using Python and wxPython. You can download Task Coach from:


A binary installer is available for Windows XP, in addition to the
source distribution.

Note that Task Coach is alpha software, meaning that it is wise to back
up your task file regularly, and especially when upgrading to a new release.

Cheers, Frank

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