BayPIGgies: January 12, 7:30pm (Google)

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Sat Jan 7 16:54:08 CET 2006

The next meeting of BayPIGgies will be Thurs, January 12 at 7:30pm at
Google, room Tunis.  Meet in the lobby of building 43.

This will be a combo meeting:

* First Marilyn Davis will practice her "Why Python?" talk -- she's
looking for feedback and suggestions on improving it.

* We'll fill the rest of the time with a "Newbies Night"; this is your
opportunity to get realtime responses to questions about Python

BayPIGgies meetings alternate between IronPort (San Bruno, California)
and Google (Mountain View, California).  For more information and
directions, see

Before the meeting, we sometimes meet at 6pm for dinner.  Discussion of
dinner plans is handled on the BayPIGgies mailing list.  

Advance notice:  We need speakers for February and later; the February
meeting is currently reserved for PyCon speakers wanting practice, and
the March meeting will probably be a PyCon wrap-up.  Please e-mail
baypiggies at if you want to suggest an agenda (or volunteer to
give a presentation).
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