ANN: Python Paste 0.4

Ian Bicking ianb at
Mon Jan 9 07:45:04 CET 2006

I'm pleased to announce the 0.4 release of the Paste Suite: Paste
core, Script, Deploy, and WebKit.


     (or just use easy_install!)
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This release brings bugfixes and new code.  Thanks to Clark Evans for
many of the contributions, and to Ben Bangert for giving this project
more exercise.  A quick overview:

* A new exception-catching middleware (evalexception) for interactive
   debugging, including through-the-browser execution of Python code in
   the context of a traceback.

* A paste.auth package for authentication/identification, including
   HTTP Basic/Digest, cookies, CAS (single-signon), and OpenID (another

* Many added improvements and conveniences for people working on the
   HTTP level, in the httpexceptions, httpheaders, fileapp modules.

* Moving modules around to make the layout more logical (old imports
   are supported with warnings).

* Paste Script has experimental new commands to install and setup web
   applications.  Also improvements to the command-line interaction.

* Paste Deploy and WebKit are largely maintenance releases.

What Is It?

Paste is a set of tools for building web applications and frameworks
using WSGI.  All the pieces are framework-neutral, and facilitate both
high-level (non-leaky) abstractions built on top of them (frameworks)
and low-level access to raw WSGI/HTTP.

Paste Deploy is a way to configure WSGI applications and application
stacks using Egg plugin facilities and a simple configuration file.
It offers uniformity to web application deployment and configuration.

Paste Script is a pluggable frontend for managing projects, and for
serving up web applications using Paste Deploy and pluggable WSGI

Paste WebKit is an implementation of Webware/WebKit using WSGI and
the tools in Paste.

Ian Bicking  |  ianb at  |

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