Ann: pywinauto 0.1.1 (initial release) released

Mark Mc Mahon mark.m.mcmahon at
Mon Jan 16 02:19:43 CET 2006

The 2nd release of pywinauto is now available.

Download it from the Files section of SourceForge for the project:

Relevant Changes:
 * Updated Readme (original readme was incorrect)
 * Added clipboard module
 * Fixed DrawOutline part of tests.__init__.print_bugs
 * Added a NotifyParent to HwndWrapper
 * Make sure that HwndWrapper.ref is initialized to None
 * Refactored some methods of ComboBox and ListBox
 * Updated Combo/ListBox selection methods
 * Removed hardcoded paths from
 * Added section to save the document as UTF-8 in MinimalNotepadTest
 * Fixed EscapeSpecials and UnEscapeSpecials in XMLHelpers
 * Made sure that overly large bitmaps do not break XML writing

SourceForge project page:

Thank you

Mark Mc Mahon
24 Plummer Rd., Manchester, NH 03110, USA

<P><A HREF="">pywinauto 0.1.2</A>
Simple Windows GUI automation with Python. (15-Jan-06)

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