ANN: Firedrop2 0.1.3 the Python Blog Client

Fuzzyman fuzzyman at
Tue Jan 17 13:03:16 CET 2006

Firedrop2 has had a new release and a complete docs overhaul.

The release is a minor update, but the new tutorial will take you from
downloading and installing, through setting up your blog to making

What's New ?

The new release contains a fix so that can be run outside
the installed directory.

* Introduction & Download
* Getting Started
* Configuring Firedrop2
* Basic Templating
* Making Entries

For news and inforamtion, use the `Firedrop2 Mailing List

What is Firedrop2 ?

Firedrop2 is a cross-platform blogging tool written in Python. It keeps
your blog source files on your computer, making it a clientside tool.
This means you control your blog, and can easily move it from one
server to another, with no risk of losing data. It also means you can
manage your blog offline.

It is fully open source, and has all the features you expect from a
modern blogging program :

* RSS feed generation
* Categories
* Automatic archive generation
* A powerful set of plugins, including spell checker and emailer
* Entries can be made in text, HTML, ReST, textile or sextile markup
* HTML templating system and macros for all sorts of tricks
* Built in FTP capability for uploading your blog to a server
* Because it's written in Python, it is easy to extend Firedrop or
create new plugins for it

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