ANN: PyLucid 0.6.0 stable released

jens newsgroups at
Wed Jan 18 13:10:39 CET 2006

It is finally done! The v0.6.0 version is stable. (I think.)

PyLucid is a lightweight, OpenSource (GPL 2.x or newer) content 
management system written in pure Python CGI. Nearly all output can be 
customized. No shell account is needed. To run PyLucid you need a 
standard Webserver with Python (at least v2.2.1) CGI and MySQL.

* major changes
o NEW: Module/Plugin Administration available.
o NEW: Basic User Management
o The Module-Manager is complete rewritten.
o Plugin-Config now in a seperate File.
o Plugins can have own SQL-Tables, internal_pages and stylesheets.
o NEW: internal_pages can be written in simpleTAL

* minor / internal changes
o Rewritten internal_pages: Used CSS instead of tables.
o enhanced: manual encoding from data base
o bugfixes in tinyTextile Markup
o Tables plugin and plugindata where now in use ;)
o page_internals with no markup use SQL-'NULL' instand of ID 1



how to install PyLucid:

update instructions:


Jens Diemer

CMS in pure Python CGI:

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