Fall Python training seminar in Colorado

lutz at rmi.net lutz at rmi.net
Tue Jul 18 19:34:46 CEST 2006

Mark Lutz's Python Training Services is pleased to announce that
our Fall 2006 public Colorado seminar is now open.  This 5-day
Python training event will be held November 6 through November 10.

This year, our Fall seminar will be held at Historic Crag's Lodge,
a resort in Estes Park, Colorado.  Estes Park is a mountain town 
80 miles from Denver's airport, and gateway to Rocky Mountain 
National Park.

This in an all-inclusive event.  Come spend 5 days mastering Python
in the beautiful Colorado Rockies, and let us handle the details of
your visit.  We will be providing students with rooms at the resort,
three full meals per day, a guided sightseeing tour, shuttle service
to and from the Denver airport, and our new "Snake Charmers" T-shirt.

Besides the included amenities, the extended format of this session
will allow for in-depth coverage of class topics.  Like all our 
public classes, this seminar will be taught by best-selling Python
author and trainer Mark Lutz, and is open to individual enrollments.

For more details, please see our web page:


Python Training Services

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