cx_Oracle 4.2

Anthony Tuininga anthony.tuininga at
Fri Jul 21 19:46:57 CEST 2006

What is cx_Oracle?

cx_Oracle is a Python extension module that allows access to Oracle and
conforms to the Python database API 2.0 specifications with a few

Where do I get it?

What's new?

 1) Added support for parsing an Oracle statement as requested by Patrick
 2) Added support for BFILEs at the request of Matthew Cahn.
 3) Added support for binding decimal.Decimal objects to cursors.
 4) Added support for reading from NCLOBs as requested by Chris Dunscombe.
 5) Added connection attributes encoding and nencoding which return the IANA
    character set name for the character set and national character set in use
    by the client.
 6) Rework module initialization to use the techniques recommended by the
    Python documentation as one user was experiencing random segfaults due
    to the use of the module dictionary after the initialization was complete.
 7) Removed support for the OPT_Threading attribute. Use the threaded keyword
    when creating connections and session pools instead.
 8) Removed support for the OPT_NumbersAsStrings attribute. Use the
    numbersAsStrings attribute on cursors instead.
 9) Use type long rather than type int in order to support long integers on
    64-bit machines as reported by Uwe Hoffmann.
10) Add cursor attribute "bindarraysize" which is defaulted to 1 and is used
    to determine the size of the arrays created for bind variables.
11) Added repr() methods to provide something a little more useful than the
    standard type name and memory address.
12) Added keyword argument support to the functions that imply such in the
    documentation as requested by Harald Armin Massa.
13) Treat an empty dictionary passed through to cursor.execute() as keyword
    arguments the same as if no keyword arguments were specified at all, as
    requested by Fabien Grumelard.
14) Fixed memory leak when a LOB read would fail.
15) Set the LDFLAGS value in the environment rather than directly in the file in order to satisfy those who wish to enable the use of
    debugging symbols.
16) Use __DATE__ and __TIME__ to determine the date and time of the build
    rather than passing it through directly.
17) Use Oracle types and add casts to reduce warnings as requested by Amaury
    Forgeot d'Arc.
18) Fixed typo in error message.

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