ANNOUNCE: Optik 1.5.3

Greg Ward gward-1337f07a94b43060ff5c1ea922ed93d6 at
Sun Jul 23 18:16:51 CEST 2006

Optik 1.5.3

Optik is a powerful, flexible, extensible, easy-to-use command-line
parsing library for Python.  Using Optik, you can add intelligent,
sophisticated handling of command-line options to your scripts with very
little overhead.

I have released Optik 1.5.3 mainly to ensure that Python 2.5 includes a
version of optparse that is derived from a known release of Optik.
Sharp-eyed readers will note that I didn't announce 1.5.2 -- that's
because I released it prematurely, and then noticed a change to
Lib/test/ in the Python source tree that I had to port
to Optik.  Oops.

You can get Optik 1.5.3 from

Or you can just wait for Python 2.5rc1, which will include Optik 1.5.3
as optparse.

Anyways, here are the changes since the last proper release (1.5.1):

1.5.3 (23 Jul 2006)

  * Port r47026 from Python svn repository: fix unit test so
    it doesn't screw up other tests in the Python test suite.

1.5.2 (22 Jul 2006)

  * Minor documentation tweaks.

  * SF bug #1498146: handle Unicode help strings (affects option help,
    description, and epilog).

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