cx_OracleTools 7.4

Anthony Tuininga anthony.tuininga at
Mon Jul 24 19:19:45 CEST 2006

What is cx_OracleDBATools?

cx_OracleTools is a set of Python scripts that handle Oracle database
development tasks in a cross platform manner and improve (in my opinion)
on the tools that are available by default in an Oracle client
installation. Those who use cx_Oracle (a Python interface driver for
Oracle compatible with the DB API) may also be interested in this
project, if only as examples. Binaries are provided for those who do not
have a Python installation.

Where do I get it?

What's new?

1) Use cx_Logging to output messages rather than write directly to stderr.
2) Added support for describing comments on tables and columns.
3) Improved output when an exception occurs.
4) cx_Oracle 4.2 is now required.
5) Replace use of executemanyprepared() with executemany() and bind
arrays instead of dictionaries which actually improves performance by
about 20-25% in some cases.
 6) Moved code from module cx_DumpData in project cx_PyOracleLib into DumpData.
 7) Provide more meaningful message when source or target directory is
missing in GeneratePatch as requested by Micah Friesen.
 8) Ignore invalid objects of type "UNDEFINED" when describing objects.
 9) Export the roles before the users as the reason the roles are
included is because they are administered by the users and the grants
will by definition fail.
10) In ExportObjects, create the directory before any exporting
actually takes place in order to handle the situation when no objects
are exported as requested by Micah Friesen.
11) Eliminated identical grants made by different users when describing objects.
12) Add phrase "(n% of file)" to the reporting message of ImportData
when possible as requested by Don Reid.
13) Display something more reasonable when compiling statements that
modify constraints.

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