New release of Diet Python (Beta 0.2)

eternalsquire at eternalsquire at
Thu Jul 27 20:01:41 CEST 2006

What's new in this release?
Release 0.2 has a reworked Python module interface to the _alpymodule.
I believe it to be much more 'pythonic'.   There's a lot less code to
just in order to make a simple example work.  See the examples!

I've dropped in the Allegro library from the OpenLayer project.  That
seems to be a lot more reliable.

I'm using sources from the Python 2.5 beta 2 PSF release.

I've also rewritten some of the Allegro examples just to show that the
reworked interface works.

I also fixed a serious bug in the Python startup... the cutdown
can now be executed via the PATH.

I also added back the _randommodule, and exposed the Random object at

Diet Python is now starting to look like a lightweight, hardcore, bare
gaming Python.


Diet Python is a flavor of Python with allegro, multiarray, umath,
calldll, npstruct and curses builtin, all else nonessential to language

ripped out. Total size < 3MB, 1% of PSF Python. Diet Python helps keep
clients thin :)

You'll find it in


The Eternal Squire

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