ANN: 4 New Videos (Wing IDE, RUR-PLE (2), PataPata)

Ian Ozsvald ian at
Fri Jul 28 19:58:57 CEST 2006

At we have 4 new ShowMeDo videos and an aggregated 
set of the existing TurboGears videos:

An introduction to Wingware's Wing IDE Professional (with a second 
video to come):

André Roberge introduces the RUR-PLE programming environment and recursion
in two videos:

Francois Schnell demonstrates the PataPata constructivist 
learning environment:

Kevin Dangoor and Ronald Jaramillo talk about various parts of the 
TurboGears web mega-framework in this aggregation of pre-existing videos:


We have 50 ShowMeDos, mostly for Python programming.  Many of our 
33 requests are also for Python tools and techniques -  come and vote 
for your favourite.  The votes show which topics are favoured by the Python
community - if you would like to share your knowledge then get in touch and 
we will help you to make your own ShowMeDo videos (they are easy to make!).

Video Comments:

Each video page allows commentary - just like comments on blog entries.  
If you like what you see then feel free to leave a comment for the 
author - positive feedback is such a great motivator.  

The founders,
Ian Ozsvald, Kyran Dale

ian at

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