Skeletonz: The pythonic CMS system

4mir Salihefendic amix at
Mon Jul 31 21:01:11 CEST 2006

Hi everyone

I am very glad to announce a pythonic content management system (CMS)
called Skeletonz.

Say goodbye to tedius backend administration and say hello to insite
dynamic editing of your site! The system is a CMS refreshment - - it
represents a whole new way of editing! Say goodbye to bloatness also.

Skeletonz is dynamic, very fast and dead simple to use. The system has
been in development for around 9 months. Current version is 1.0 beta.
Its alrady used on production websites.

The features:
* Administration is insite - this is done by Ajax and DOM hackery.
* Simple and intuitive edit syntax.
* Full blown plugin system. Currently there are around 14 plugins that
can do a lot of useful things.
* Simple admin section where you can add users, groups, alter
permissions or create/restore backups.
* Super perfomance. Around 600 req. pr. sec. can be served by
Skeletonz internal Python webserver. Depends on the hardware of
* Simple template system that's based on Cheetah.
* Super clean Python code that follows the MVC pattern. Browse it here and see for yourself.
* Plus a lot more...

Some sites that use Skeletonz:

The system is open-source and released under the GPL. Skeletonz is
copyrighted by Bioinformatics Research Center, University of Aarhus.

Check out the Skeletonz site for more information:

For a demo, check out:

I hope you give Skeletonz a chance.

Kind regards
4mir Salihefendic ( - amix at

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