ANN: ReportLab PDF Library version 2.0 and 1.21 released

John J. Lee jjlee at
Fri Jun 2 00:26:34 CEST 2006

ReportLab are proud to announce not one but two major releases of our PDF
document generation framework.

The ReportLab PDF Toolkit lets you generate rich flowing documents in PDF
from dynamic data, complete with multiple columns, tables and charts, at
extremely high speeds; and to generate charts and data graphics in PDF and
bitmap formats.  It was first released in mid-2000 and the previous stable
release, 1.20, was in late 2004.

The 2.0 release includes many new features, and works with Unicode or UTF8
input throughout.  This simplifies many things but may break old code that
uses non-ASCII input.  It should be trivial to upgrade your app using the
Python codecs package, which now includes codecs for most of the world's

We have also produced a 1.21 release with a number of minor enhancements
and bug fixes since 1.20, and with the old character handling behaviour.
This should provide a safe upgrade for all existing users.

ReportLab's commercial products (Report Markup Language, Diagra and
PageCatcher) also have their own 2.0 and 1.21 releases and are documented
on  Open source users are
encouraged to review the RML examples and test cases, which provide very
clear examples of what's possible with the underlying Python objects.

Best regards,


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