ANN: W3C batchvalidator script 1.6

Christof Höke csad7 at
Tue Jun 6 22:27:30 CEST 2006

what is it
A short script which calls the W3C HTML Validator in "batch" mode. 
Adapted from a Perl version.

changes since the last release
New option ``UPLOADFROMURL`` to retrieve files from e.g. a local server 
which the w3 validator may not be able to access. Useful if dynamic 
pages like .php or .jsp pages need to be validated.

download "validate-1.6" - 060606 from

tested on Python 2.4 only but should work on other versions as it is 
really quite simple...

Included is a (modified) script (originally from to be 
able to POST fields and files to an HTTP host as multipart/form-data.

any comment will be appreciated, thanks

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