Post-EuroPython sprint (6-9th July)

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Wed Jun 7 13:32:16 CEST 2006

Geneva/CERN Post-EuroPython PyPy sprint 6-9th July 

The next PyPy sprint will be held at CERN/Geneva right after 
the EuroPython conference.  We specifically invite newcomers
and people interested to get to know and get into PyPy development. 
We are going to work on a variety of topics and will give 
introductions to various aspects of PyPy (on the 6th morning). 

Some foreseen focus will be on the following topics: 

* The extension module compiler.  Using it for implementing 
  extension modules both for PyPy and CPython from the same
  source code. (for example if you have a Need for Speed :) 

* work and experiment with our to-be-relased 0.9 stackless features 

* work on high level backends: .NET, Javascript etc. 

* optimization of core Python data types, making full 
  use of PyPy's flexible architecture and python-implemented 
  (and then translated) type system. 

* You may even dare to dive into ongoing work on the JIT compiler

* experimenting with novel security systems for Python,
  enabled by PyPy 

* and so on :) 


If you'd like to come, please subscribe to the `pypy-sprint mailing list`_
and drop a note about your interests and post any questions.  More 
organisational information will be send to that list.  We'll keep
a list of `people`_ which we'll update (which you can do so yourself
if you have codespeak commit rights). 

Special note to Students!

As you might know, there are three students in Google's Summer of Code
program who are working on projects related to PyPy.

In addition we are planning our own "Summer of PyPy": we can cover the
expenses of attending some of our sprints and provide mentorship.

In this vein, if you have an interesting idea for a project relating
to PyPy you should send us ("pypy-tb at") a proposal.  We
will consider it get back to you on whether we can fund your travel
and accomodation.  We expect to able to fund between 4 and 6 students
in this way.

As we still need to figure out budget/money issues, for now we can
only promise for now that we can fund this Post-EP2006 sprint for such
students.  But don't hesitate to come to our irc channel, ask around
and produce proposals!

.. _`pypy-sprint mailing list`:
.. _`people`: people.html 

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