[ANN] Cerealizer 0.4 -- a secure Pickle-like module

Jiba jibalamy at free.fr
Sat Jun 10 00:52:57 CEST 2006

Cerealizer 0.4 is available:



Cerealizer is a secure Pickle-like module for Python. It is very similar to (C)Pickle, and understands load(s), dump(s), __getstate__, __setstate__, __getinitargs__,__getnewargs__,... It can serialize numbers, strings and unicodes, tuples, lists, dicts, sets,..., as well as old- and new-style classes and C-defined types.

On the API-side, the only noticeable difference with Pickle is that Cerealizer requires that you register the classes you want to serialize, by calling cerealizer.register(YourClass). The class is then tagged as being "secure".

Cerealizer implementation uses a "double flat list" file format that allows high performances and short files. Although written in a hundred lines of Python code, Cerealizer boosted by Psyco can achieve similar performances than CPickle.

Cerealizer is now available under the Python license (and was previously GPL'ed).

More information on Cerealizer:

A small (and of course limited) benchmark of Pickle-like module:

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