ANN: finds improved parameter values for YOUR program.

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Sun Jun 11 18:58:30 CEST 2006 is a computer program that searches for a better set of
parameters for some other program, which we call the target program.  The
target program determines what "better" means, and it writes a merit
value to the screen. The parameters appear in a configuration file for
the target program. Although is written in Python, the target
program can be any executable file that meets two conditions: It must
read a configuration file to get values for parameters, and it must
eventually write a result to the screen. Metavolv will repeatedly execute
the target program, each time re-writing the configuration file with new
parameter values. will use two other Python files,
and  The three files together comprise the program. Metavolv
is primarily designed for stochastic target programs, and also for those
that require significant execution time.   For such programs we cannot be
sure of finding a global optimum in a reasonable time span; we are
primarily interested in improving the set of parameters that we start
with.  Hence we are primarily attempting to move toward a local optimum.

The Metavolv package, with thorough documentation, is a free download 
from the URL below.

Mitchell Timin

I'm proud of  If you want to write software,
or articles, or do testing or research for ANNEvolve, let me know.

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zenguy at shaw666 dot ca

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