[ANN] Soya 3D 0.11.2

Jiba jibalamy at free.fr
Thu Jun 15 00:07:34 CEST 2006


Soya 3D is an object oriented "high level" 3D engine for Python. Somehow, Soya is to 3D what Python is to programming. Soya allows to develop very rapidly games of other 3D apps, entirely in the Python language (contrary to most of the other engine, in which Python is limited to scripting tasks). Moreover, Soya is easy to learn and offers pretty good performances.

Soya offers the features one can expect from a 3D engine, like basic scene management, cell-shading, shadows, particles systems,... as well as some unique features aiming at making 3D development easier and more rapid :
    * Soya takes care of coordinate system conversion automatically
    * Soya imports Blender models automatically
    * Soya automatically regulate the rendering speed by modifying the animation quality
    * Soya is able to determine automatically which objects are static, and to optimize their rendering (work in progress)
    * Soya's object, including the ones you may create using inheritance, can be saved without writing additional code, using serialization (Pickle or Cerealizer)

Soya 3D has been successfully used in the games Slune, Balazar and Balazar Brothers, as well as in scientific simulations, teaching,...


The 0.11.x release adds support for Cerealizer (a secure Pickle-like module, useful e.g. for network games), a listbox component for the widget system, and adds handy aliases to rotation methods.
Finally, there are several bugfixes on shadows, cellshading and raypicking on animated models.

Get Soya here:


(BTW, http://soya3d.org has NEVER be the Soya 3D "official" page; it is owned by a guy that forked Soya, and now uses it to discredits the project. Please don't use this URL)


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