ANN: Release of SimPy 1.7.1

Klaus Muller kgmuller at
Thu Jun 15 11:44:10 CEST 2006

It is our pleasure to announce the release of SimPy 1.7.1. It can be 
downloaded via the SimPy homepage, 

What is new?
SimPy 1.7.1 is a minor (maintenance) release. The API has not
been changed from that of SimPy 1.7.


-   Repaired a bug in the _get methods of Store and Level which could lead
    synchronization problems (blocking of producer processes, despite space 
    being available in the buffer).
-   Repaired Level __init__ method to allow initialBuffered to be of either 
    float or int type. 

-   Added type test for Level get parameter 'nrToGet' to limit it to
    int or float.
-   To improve pretty-printed output of 'Level' objects, changed attribute
    '_nrBuffered' to 'nrBuffered' (synonym for 'amount' property)
-   To improve pretty-printed output of 'Store' objects, added attribute
    'buffered' (which refers to '_theBuffer')

What is SimPy?
SimPy (= Simulation in Python) is an object-oriented, process-based 
discrete-event simulation language completely implemented in Python. It is 
released under the GNU Lesser GPL (LGPL). SimPy provides the modeler 
with components of a simulation model including processes, for active 
components like customers, messages, and vehicles, and resources, for 
passive components that form limited capacity congestion points like 
servers, checkout counters, and tunnels. It also provides monitor 
variables to aid in gathering statistics. Random variates are provided 
by the standard Python random module.

Many users claim that SimPy is one of the cleanest, easiest to use 
discrete event simulation packages! SimPy is in use at many universities,
Research institutes and in industry.

SimPy comes with data collection capabilities, GUI and plotting packages. 
It can be easily interfaced to other packages, such as plotting, statistics,

GUI, spreadsheets, and data bases.

The distribution contains extensive documentation (manuals, cheatsheet, 
tutorials, HTML-based source code documentation) and a wide variety of 
simulation models in SimPy.

Download, enjoy, and don't forget to give us feedback!

Klaus Müller	Tony Vignaux
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