SciPy 2006 Tutorials

Travis N. Vaught travis at
Wed Jun 21 17:20:38 CEST 2006


As part of this year's SciPy 2006 Conference, we've planned Coding 
Sprints on Monday and Tuesday (August 14-15) and a Tutorial Day 
Wednesday (August 16)--the normal conference presentations follow on 
Thursday and Friday (August 17-18).

For this year at least, the Tutorials (and Sprints) are no additional 
charge (you're on your own for food on those days, though).

With regard to Tutorial topics, we've settled on the following:

"3D visualization in Python using tvtk and MayaVi"
"Scientific Data Analysis and Visualization using IPython and Matplotlib."
"Building Scientific Applications using the Enthought Tool Suite 
(Envisage, Traits, Chaco, etc.)"
"NumPy (migration from Numarray & Numeric, overview of NumPy)"

These will be in two tracks with two three hour sessions in each track.

If you plan to attend, please send an email to tutorials at with 
the two sessions you'd most like to hear and we'll build the schedule 
with a minimum of conflict.

We'll post the schedule of the tracks on the Wiki here:

Also, if you haven't registered already, the deadline for early 
registration is July 14.  The abstract submission deadline is July 7.  
More information is here:



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