ANN: - a new Tkinter based turtle graphics module

Gregor Lingl glingl at
Wed Jun 28 13:56:42 CEST 2006, extended turtle graphics
a new turtle graphics module for Python and Tkinter

Version 0.91 of has been released.  A zip file
containing the module and supplementary material can be found at:

xturtle should work properly on all major platforms (Mac, Linux and
Windows) Feedback would be appreciated to take it into account for
polishing xturtle to a final version 1.0. is a module designed to help you learn and/or teach computer
programming using Python. Turtle graphics provides a means for the 
beginning programmers to get immediate visual feedback about the 
correct working of her programs. It's main goal is to provide
easy access to a sufficiently rich graphics toolkit. 
It needs only the standard distribution of python (incl. Tkinter) and 
imho it (or some descendant of it) once (soon?) could (and should?) 
replace which is contained in the current standard distribution. contains and three supplementary elements:
( 0. the module ).
  1. set of 25+ sample scripts of great variety to show possible
uses of
  2. A simple demoViewer to run and view those sample scripts
  3. documentation in form of *.txt files, which also can be viewed
with the demoViewer. Docs are derived from doc strings. thus Python's
help utility works fine with the module

For more information (e.g. some screenshots) see the web page 
mentioned above.


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