ll-core 1.3 released

Walter Dörwald doerwalter at googlemail.com
Wed Jun 28 21:07:46 CEST 2006

ll-core 1.3 has been released!

What's new in version 1.3?

* ll.make has been rewritten. Now there's no longer a distinction
  between Targets and Actions. Actions can be chained more easily
  and creating an action and registering it with the project are
  two separate steps. Actions can no longer be shared, as each
  action stores its own input actions (but output actions are not
  stored). "Ids" have been renamed to "keys" (and DBID/OracleID
  to DBKey/OracleKey. ImportAction has been renamed to ModuleAction
  and can now turn any string into a module.

* In ll.url modification dates for local files now include
  microseconds (if the OS supports it).

* A class Queue has been added to ll.misc which provides
  FIFO queues.

* A decorator withdoc has been added to ll.misc that sets the
  docstring on the function it decorates.

* setuptools is now supported for installation.

Where can I get it?

ll-core can be downloaded from http://ftp.livinglogic.de/core/
or ftp://ftp.livinglogic.de/pub/livinglogic/core/

Web pages are at

ViewCVS access is available at

    Walter Dörwald

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