Release of PyPy videos

Wanja Saatkamp wanja at
Thu Jun 29 12:03:08 CEST 2006

The PyPy team is happy to announce that the first bunch of PyPy videos
can now be downloaded from:

The videos introduce involved people and contain different talks,
tutorials and interviews such as:

1. Technical talk on the PyPy architecture, standard interpreter,
    translation toolchain and Just-in-time compiler at the University
    of Palma de Mallorca (72 min)

2. Coding discussion between Armin Rigo and Samuele Pedroni during the
    PyPy sprint at the University of Palma de Mallorca (40 min)

3. Core developer Holger Krekel and project manager Beatrice During
    explain the agile open source methods used in the PyPy project at
    PyCon, Dallas (26 min)

4. Core developers Michael Hudson and Christian Tismer are giving an
    introductory talk at PyCon, Dallas (28 min)

5. A PyPy architecture session given by core developers Holger Krekel
    and Armin Rigo at PyCon, Dallas (48 min)

6. A Sprint tutorial by core developer Michael Hudson who provides a
    detailed and hands-on overview about the architecture of PyPy,
    especially the translation toolchain (44 min)

7. What do you think about PyPy? Interview with American software
    developer Bob Ippolito at this year's PyCon, Dallas (8 min)

8. Interview with CPython core developer Tim Peters at this year's
    PyCon, Dallas (23 min)

Some technical details: All films are in European PAL system, encoded
with DivX and packed in .avi file format. The files can be downloaded
using a bittorrent client. Further details regarding downloading and
viewing can be found at the URL above.

Have fun and don't hesitate to contact us at pypy-dev at if
you encounter any problems or have any other comments,

Best regards,

Wanja Saatkamp & the PyPy team

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