ANN: SciPy 2006 Conference Reminder

Travis N. Vaught travis at
Fri Jun 30 22:59:20 CEST 2006

The *SciPy 2006 Conference* is scheduled for Thursday and Friday, August 
17-18, 2006 at CalTech with Sprints and Tutorials Monday-Wednesday, 
August 14-16.  Conference details are at

The deadlines for submitting abstracts and early registration are 

Call for Presenters
If you are interested in presenting at the conference, you may submit an 
abstract in Plain Text, PDF or MS Word formats to abstracts at 
<> -- the 
deadline for abstract submission is July 7, 2006.  Papers and/or 
presentation slides are acceptable and are due by August 4, 2006.

Early registration ($100.00) is still available through July 14.  You 
may register online at  Registration 
includes breakfast and lunch Thursday & Friday and a very nice dinner 
Thursday night.  After July 14, 2006, registration will cost $150.00.

Tutorials and Sprints
This year the Sprints (Monday and Tuesday, August 14-15) and Tutorials 
(Wednesday, August 16) are no additional charge (you're on your own for 
food on those days, though).  Remember to include these days in your 
travel plans.

The following topics are presented as Tutorials Wednesday (more info 

- "3D visualization in Python using tvtk and MayaVi"
- "Scientific Data Analysis and Visualization using IPython and 
- "Building Scientific Applications using the Enthought Tool Suite
(Envisage, Traits, Chaco, etc.)"
- "NumPy (migration from Numarray & Numeric, overview of NumPy)"

The Sprint topics are under discussion here:

See you in August!


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