email package 4.0a2

Barry Warsaw barry at
Sun Mar 5 22:10:38 CET 2006

I'm happy to announce the release of the email 4.0a2 standalone package.
This is the latest version of the email package and will be released
with Python 2.5.  The major changes between this version and email 3.0
(released with Python 2.4) is:

      * All modules have been renamed according to PEP 8 standards.  For
        example, email.Message was renamed to email.message.
      * A new subpackage email.mime was added and all the email.MIME*
        modules renamed to live inside this subpackage.  For example,
        email.MIMEText is now email.mime.text
      * A new class email.mime.application.MIMEApplication has been
        added to support application/* content types (thanks Keith
      * Methods that were deprecated in version 3 have been removed:
        Generator.__call__(), Message.get_type(),
        Message.get_main_type(), and Message.get_subtype()

Note that the old, email version 3 package names are still supported for
backward compatibility, so you won't have to change existing code.  New
code should use the new names as the old names will go away in Python
2.6.  Also note that email.mime.application is /not/ provided as

There are also many bug fixes and updated documentation.  More
information and links for downloading are available in the cheeseshop:

Barring any complications, this version will be merged into the Python
2.5 subversion tree in a week or so.


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