ANN: webstring 0.1 released

L. C. Rees lcrees at
Mon Mar 6 17:53:00 CET 2006

This is the first public release of webstring.

webstring is a web templating engine that allows programs to manipulate
XML and HTML documents with standard Python sequence and string
operators. It is designed for those whose preferred web template
languages are Python and HTML (and XML for people who swing that way).

webstring's design is inspired by PyMeld but with a stricter Python
feel. Like PyMeld, it strictly seperates the view (XML/HTML) from the
controller (Python). Web designers can rest easy knowing that they can
devote more time to mastering the complexities of HTML while
programmers can now spend their days writing controller logic.

webstring was written as a wrapper for Fredrik Lundh's cElementTree
package, so the cElementTree and ElementTree packages are required. It
also requires Fredrik Lundh's elementtidy package for trying to make
sense of HTML from off the beaten track. All of these packages are
available for download at:

webstring is currently only known to work with Python 2.4.

webstring's documentation at this point is found in its source code
alongside its unit tests.

The file is available for download from:

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