pywinauto 0.2.5 released

Mark Mc Mahon mark.m.mcmahon at
Tue Mar 7 17:58:29 CET 2006


The 0.2.5 release of pywinauto is now available.

pywinauto is a set of open-source (LGPL) modules for using Python as a GUI
automation 'driver' for Windows NT based Operating Systems (NT/W2K/XP).

SourceForge project page:

Download from SourceForge

Here is the list of changes:
0.2.5 More refactoring, more tests

    * Added wrapper classes for Menus and MenuItems this enabled cleaner
      interaction with Menu's. It also gives more functionality - you can now
      programmatically Click() on menus, and query if a menu item is checked
      or not.

    * Added application.WindowSpecification.Wait() and WaitNot() methods.
      These methods allow you to wait for a control to exist, be visible,
      be enabled, be ready (both enabled and visible!) or to wait for the
      control to not be in any of these states. WaitReady(),
      WaitNotEnabled(), WaitNotVisible() now use these methods. I was
able to also
      add the missing methods WaitNotReady(), WaitEnabled(), WaitVisible(),
      WaitExists(), WaitnotExists(). Please use Wait() and WaitNot() as I have
      Deprecated these Wait* methods.

    * Slightly modified timeout waits for control resolution so that a timed
      function more accurately follows the timeout value specified.

    * Added application.Application.start() and connect() static methods. These
      methods are factory methods in that they will return an
initialized Application
      instance. They work exactly the same as start_() and connect()
as they are
      implemented in terms of those.

        from pywinauto.application import Application
        notepad = Application.start("notepad")
        same_notepad = Application.connect(path = "notepad")

    * Updated the examples to follow changes to the code - and to make
them a little
      more robust.

    * Added a new Controls Overview document page which lists all the actions on
      all controls.

    * Added more unit tests now up to 207 from 134 (added 68 tests)

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Mark Mc Mahon
Manchester, NH 03110, USA

<P><A HREF="">pywinauto 0.2.5</A>
Simple Windows GUI automation with Python. (07-Mar-06)

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