[ANN] DOPAL 0.56 - Python library for Azureus

Allan Crooks dopal-annmail at sixtyten.org
Mon Mar 13 00:43:31 CET 2006

DOPAL is a library to allow programs written in Python to easily
communicate the Java BitTorrent client Azureus, via the XML/HTTP plugin
(allowing communication over a network).

Version 0.56 is the third public release of DOPAL. One of the main
changes is support for "typeless" objects - this allows DOPAL to
represent remote objects which it has no information about. There is
also support for passing and receiving Java's "short" primitive type,
and a fix for a traceback occurring in the __str__ methods of some objects.

There's also various other minor changes - check the changelog for more

The method definitions in this release are in sync with Azureus
b13 (though you can use any version of Azureus with DOPAL).

It provides a very Pythonic way of interacting with the objects
available in Azureus's Plugin API - you can interact with remote objects
and invoke methods on them as easily as any normal Python object (while
all the connection handling and XML generation and parsing is done
behind the scenes). It also allows you to write code which can do just
the same things as Java plugins for Azureus can (well, almost).


Example usage:

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