Announcing edupython list

Anna Ravenscroft annaraven at
Mon Mar 13 18:29:38 CET 2006

In order to facilitate small groups working on specific Python-in-Education
projects, we have launched an edupython list on google groups
( or edupython at We
envision participation by people trying to coordinate work on the nuts and
bolts implementation of a project, with frequent progress reports and
requests for suggestions and comments coming back to edu-sig. The list
developed as a result of a quite well-attended and enthusiastic BOF meeting
at PyCon.

This edupython list is not intended to replace edu-sig, which remains very
strong for theoretical and philosophical discussions, and for getting input
and suggestions from a wider group, but is also necessarily higher
bandwidth. We invite anyone working on Python-related education projects to
join the list.

Anna Martelli Ravenscroft
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