Release: PySyck 0.61.1

Kirill Simonov xi at
Sat Mar 18 11:57:15 CET 2006

A new version of PySyck is available at:

PySyck is a Python binding to the Syck YAML parser and emitter.

Changes from 0.55.1 to 0.61.1:
 * build: check the presence of syck.h and print a helpful
   message if it is not found.
 * Release GIL when calling syck.
 * Change the way !str-tagged scalars are converted. If a scalar
   contains only ASCII characters, it is converted to a plain string
   object. If it is a valid UTF-8 sequence, it is converted to a Unicode
   object. Otherwise leave it as is, and issue a warning.
 * Windows binaries are built against
 * The new home of PySyck is


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