itools 0.13.0 released

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itools is a Python library, it groups a number of packages into a single
meta-package for easier development and deployment:

  itools.catalog        itools.i18n             itools.uri
  itools.cms            itools.ical             itools.web
  itools.csv            itools.resources        itools.workflow
  itools.datatypes      itools.rss              itools.xhtml
  itools.gettext        itools.schemas          itools.xliff
  itools.handlers       itools.stl              itools.xml
  itools.html           itools.tmx

The most relevant news in this release are...

The "itools.cms" package does not depends on the ZODB anymore, now it
stores the information directly in the filesystem, as files and folders.
This enables us to use all the tools we like and love for introspection
and manipulation of the database (grep, vi, etc.). It also means a
boost to the application's performance.

The Command Line Interface has been updated to use our new conventions.
The script "" has been split into: icms-init, icms-start,
icms-stop, icms-update and icms-restore; "" has been split
into: igettext-extract, igettext-merge and igettext-build; and so on.
The consequences basically are shell completion for free, and a better
online documentation.

The packaging has also seen deep changes. Unit tests are all centralized
into the "test" directory. The new family of "isetup" scripts
(isetup-update-locale, isetup-build and isetup-test) will simplify the
localization, build and test processes, hence helping us to deliver a
better product.

While only visible to us developers of itools, the switch from GNU arch
to GIT [1] to manage the source code, will streamline the development
process, reduce the entry barrier to new contributors, and in the end
help us to get out a better product.

Last, but probably most important, we have changed the licensing of
itools from LGPL to GPL. While this change may not be for the taste of
many Python developers, we believe that itools belongs to the group of
libraries that "make a difference", hence it is better served by the GPL
license [2].

For a more detailed list of the changes see the CHANGES.txt file.


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