[ANN] Firedrop 0.2.0 - The Python Blog Client

Fuzzyman fuzzyman at gmail.com
Sun Mar 26 21:32:19 CEST 2006

It has finally happened, the release of `Firedrop 0.2.0

The impatient can download the new release here :

    `Firedrop 0.2.0 (1.3mb)

.. note::

    The first time you run version 0.2.0 it will convert your weblog
config file to the new format.

**Firedrop2** is the Python blog client with a host of features. These
include :

* RSS feed generation
* Categories
* Automatic archive generation
* A powerful set of plugins, including spell checker and emailer
* Entries can be made in text, HTML, ReST, textile, sextile or markdown
* HTML templating system and macros for all sorts of tricks
* Built in FTP capability for uploading your blog to a server
* Because it's written in Python, it is easy to extend Firedrop or
create new plugins for it

This new release has been made possible by the hard work of `Stewart
Midwinter <http://www.midtoad.org>`_.

The changes and new features include :

* Firedrop will now start up by opening a default site.
* You can set the default site using the GUI.
* Main file name changed to ``firedrop.pyw``
* `ConfigObj <http://www.voidspace.org.uk/python/configobj.html>`_ is
now used to edit all the config files.
* Full support for all style elements (e.g. underline, bold) in four
  major markup formats: ReST, Sextile, Textile, Markdown (plus HTML).
* New entries are created in a separate dialog that takes care of the
* Links are available to websites for the markup styles.
* You can reset the app to a null site, and/or delete all entries.
* You can force a full build of your site, or just update your site.
* You can now create sites serving Article Collections or Items Lists
(e.g. FAQs)
  in addition to Weblogs.
* Firedrop2 now runs on Mac OS X and Linux in addition to Windows.
* You can view logfile contents using the GUI.
* Documentation has been updated to reflect these changes.

There is a roadmap for future releases on the `Firedrop2 Trac Site

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