ANN: PyGUI 1.7.1

greg greg at
Sat May 6 06:50:01 CEST 2006

PyGUI 1.7.1 is now available:

New features:
	- Slider control.
	- run() convenience function, equivalent to application().run().
	- Geometry.rects_intersect() function.

	- Files given on the command line opened at application startup.
	- BlobEdit example extended to demonstrate update_rect usage.

Bug fixes:
	- Disabled a debugging statement that was inadvertently left on
	  in Cursor.__init__.
	- Changed the package name in to something more meaningful
	  than 'foo'.

What is PyGUI?

PyGUI is an experimental highly-Pythonic cross-platform
GUI API. Implementations are currently available for
MacOSX and Gtk. For a full description of the project
goals, see the PyGUI web page at the above address.

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