ANN: Eric3-IDE documentation and wiki

Jürgen Urner jUrner at
Sat May 6 12:49:50 CEST 2006

Happy to announce that the Eric3 python IDE has found a home
for its documentation and wiki!

Currently effords are taken to document the user interface
of the Eric3-IDE. The documentation and wiki project is hosted at . Everyone interested in Eric
is heartly invited to take part in the ongoing effords, drop comments
or whatever to help to improve usability of the IDE for the python

What is Eric ?

Eric is an advanced open source Python and Ruby IDE based on the pyQt
GUI toolkit written and maintained mainly by Detlev Offenbachs.
usage on windows oses is quite limited due to Qt3 licence issues . This
going to change as soon as Eric is ported to pyQt4 with full GPL
licence support
for open source developers. See
or or for a more detailed
    Juergen Urner

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