ANN: progressbar 2.2 - Text mode progressbar for console applications

Nilton Volpato first-name.last-name at
Sun May 7 21:47:42 CEST 2006

Text progressbar library for python.

This library provides a text mode progressbar. This is tipically used to 
display the progress of a long running operation, providing a visual clue 
that processing is underway.

The ProgressBar class manages the progress, and the format of the line is 
given by a number of widgets. A widget is an object that may display 
diferently depending on the state of the progress. There are three types 
of widget: - a string, which always shows itself; - a ProgressBarWidget, 
which may return a diferent value every time it's update method is called; 
and - a ProgressBarWidgetHFill, which is like ProgressBarWidget, except it 
expands to fill the remaining width of the line.

The progressbar module is very easy to use, yet very powerful. And 
automatically supports features like auto-resizing when the terminal size 
is changed. It's also efficient, because the text is only updated if need, 
with a minimum overhead in the case there is no need for updating.

It was tested and works under windows, linux and macosx. And should also 
work in many other untested operating systems.

You may get it from pypi:

Thanks, Nilton.

Nilton Volpato
email: "%s.%s at" % ('nilton', 'volpato')

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