Mercurial v0.9 released!

Bryan O'Sullivan bos at
Thu May 11 01:05:38 CEST 2006

Version 0.9 of the Mercurial SCM is now available at:

More information available at:

Mercurial is a fast, easy to use, lightweight Source Control Management
system designed for efficient handling of very large distributed
projects, while also excelling for small projects.  It is written in

Mercurial runs on all popular platforms.  It is used by such well-known
projects as Xen, OpenSolaris, MoinMoin, and microformats.

Many thanks to the numerous developers, testers, and users who
contributed to this release. Enjoy!

Major changes between Mercurial 0.8.1 and 0.9:

 - The repository file format has been improved.
   - This has resulted in an average 40% reduction in disk space    usage.
   - The new format (called RevlogNG) is now the default.
   - Mercurial works perfectly with both the old and new repository
     file formats. It can transfer changes transparently between
     repositories of either format.
   - To use the new repository format, simply use `hg clone --pull` to
     clone an existing repository.
   - Note: Versions 0.8.1 and earlier of Mercurial cannot read
     RevlogNG repositories directly, but they can `clone`, `pull`
     from, and `push` to servers that are serving RevlogNG
 - Memory usage has been improved by over 50% for many common operations.
 - Substantial performance improvements on large repositories.
 - New commands:
   - 'archive' - generate a directory tree snapshot, tarball, or zip
     file of a revision
 - Deprecated commands:
   - 'addremove' - replaced by 'add' and 'remove --after'
   - 'forget' - replaced by 'revert'
   - 'undo' - replaced by 'rollback'
 - New extensions:
   - Bugzilla integration hook
   - Email notification hook
 - Nested repositories are now supported. Mercurial will not recurse
   into a subdirectory that contains a '.hg' directory. It is treated
   as a separate repository.
 - The standalone web server, 'hg serve', is now threaded, so it can
   talk to multiple clients at a time.
 - The web server can now display a "message of the day".
 - Support added for hooks written in Python.
 - Many improvements and clarifications to built-in help.

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