NovelSpace Media, LLC announces the launch of their new online bookstore and web portal devoted to developers and programmers.

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Sat May 13 21:12:51 CEST 2006

NovelSpace Media, LLC has announced the launch of its new online
bookstore,  Located at, it
features a wide and varied selection of books for computer aficionados,
developers, software engineers, and programmers.  In addition to low
prices and shipping fees, boasts an easily navigated
interface along with quick checkout and simple account management.
Proceeds from each purchase are donated in support of various open
source projects.

NovelSpace Media is also inaugurating Developer Haven, the first in a
series of web portals to be developed by the company.  Designed as an
online resource for programmers and software developers, Developer
Haven features a section devoted to industry news and a directory of
links to websites with code samples, tutorials, components, and
software packages.  Users can also test-drive a beta version of DH
Search, an internet search engine tasked exclusively to researching
material related to programming and software development.  Developer
Haven can be accessed from, or on its own at

About NovelSpace Media, LLC

NovelSpace Media is a development firm currently specializing in
e-commerce and portal websites.  The driving goal of the company is to
offer customers easy access to books and resources at competitive
prices, as well as building thriving online communities around rich
content offered through topic specific web-portals.

info at

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