Karrigell version 2.2.5 - licence changes to BSD

Pierre Quentel quentel.pierre at wanadoo.fr
Wed May 17 20:05:02 CEST 2006

A new version of the web framework Karrigell (http://www.karrigell.com)
has been released

The main changes in this version are :
- the Open Source licence changes from GPL to BSD
- logging management (written by Radavan Garabik) : new options
loggingFile and loggingParameters
- new options in configuration file : debug manages the "Debug" button
when exceptions occur in scripts ; reloadModules specifies if modules
must be reloaded at each request

Bug fixes
- option encodeFormData was not managed correctly (bug report by Helmut
- cookies attributes (path, expiry date...) was erased at each request.
2 variables now manage cookies : COOKIE is the cookies received from
the browser ; SET_COOKIE is used by a script to set a cookie in the
browser. Bug report by Joe Correia
- for security reasons, mask modules k_session and
KarrigellRequestHandler for virtual hosts

Download page :
Tutorial : http://quentel.python-hosting.com/wiki

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