ANN: PAMIE web dev testing with Internet Explorer (2 New Videos)

Ian Ozsvald ian at
Wed Oct 4 19:40:12 CEST 2006

Robert Marchetti has created two videos showing you how to use his PAMIE 
tool to interactively drive Internet Explorer for web development and

The first PAMIE video covers driving IE interactively (querying Google, 
check the html src, clicking a button, visiting the Python homepage 
as a result).

The second video shows you how to configure PAMIE with an XML file to 
automatically form-fill a web page for testing.  This video also shows nice
usage of the ElementTree module.

The videos are 9 minutes and 11 minutes respectively and should play 
on all platforms.

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The videos are made by us and our users, for everyone.  Over half
of our content is for Python.  

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